Raw water & Wastewater Chemicals


Kurita Group environmental chemicals contribute to the smooth operation of wastewater treatment facilities. Specialized products are available to resolve issues on heavy metals, colors, etc. Chemicals are used to optimize dosage of inorganic chemicals, which leading to Total Cost Down of operation as well as lowering environmental impact.


General coagulant chemicals

  • Polyaluminium chloride
  • Polyaluminium sulfate
  • Ferric chloride

General flocculant chemicals

  • Flocculant for wastewater system, sedimentation or dissolve air floatation - Anionic Polymer
  • Flocculant for dewatering system – Cationic Polymer

Special chemicals

  • High charge cationic coagulant, for decreasing sludge generate – COAG K-1000
  • Organic coagulant, for decreasing sludge generate – COAG I-505, COAG I-510
  • Organic coagulant aid, for decreasing coagulant dosage and provide cost saving – KURITA ZA – 301, KURITA ZA - P
  • Decolor agents – KURITA ZA-D1 Heavy metal remover – Wellclean K-900
Specific chemicals
  • Eliminate sulfide in wastewater – KURITA R-410, KURITA NX-300
  • Odor control in exhaust unit – KURIMPROVER B-105, KURITA DO
  • Removal oil in water of wastewater treatment – KURITA ZA, KURIDECODE L-101
  • Improvement granule agents in anaerobic system for UASB and EGSB type – KURITA WB-310

Right and optimal treatment products application together with a reliable wastewater monitoring system lead to the successful waste water management. This can be achieved through an innovative wastewater equipment, S.sensing CS Therefore, smooth plant operation while reducing total operational cost is verified.

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