Membrane treatment for Reverse osmosis system


Kurita Group developed bio-control agent in place of conventional oxidizing biocide; the advantage of elimination and/or reduction of additional chemicals such as Sodium Sulfite. Scale Inhibitors for various type of scale to prevent unscheduled downtime due to membrane fouling. Unique Recovery Agent with ability to rejuvenate RO Membrane. NSF Certified products are also available. Our Membrane treatment products are compatible with membranes and it is accredited with compatibility letters from the most worldwide known membrane manufacturers.


Avista®, a global brand of Kurita

Avista® focused on specialty membrane chemicals and support services. Our comprehensive global product line includes:,

  • Antiscalant - Vitec together with Avista Advisor Ci chemical dosing software
  • Combination between Vitec antiscalant products and Avista Advisor Ci helps to achieve the right selection and optimal site-specific dose.

  • Special membrane cleaners - RoClean
  • A liquid type chlorine scavengers - KURIVERTER AC
  • Special formulated coagulants - RoQuest

    Antiscalant – KURIVERTER N-series

    A broad range of antiscalants and dispersing agents for membrane treatment. Antiscalant product will be wisely chosen by KURITA’s engineer base on feed water quality using our special developed software, AdvisorCi.

    Patented biofilm removal for reverse osmosis system - KURIVERTER IK-110

    KURIVERTER® IK-110, the excellent biofilm control agent, is added to feed water line in order to protect the whole RO system against biofouling formation with only one product.

    The concept of water treatment has a direct impact in the reduction of the total cost of operation from reduction of the cleaning process, manpower, chemicals and standby times. When applying KURIVERTER® IK-110 the differential pressure decreases, the loss of flux is reduced, and salt rejection improves.

    Patented rejuvenation concept for damaged membranes - KURIVERTER RC

    Sometimes membranes could be accidentally damaged from oxidizing biocide (such as free chlorine leakage from pretreatment) or other oxidizing substances. KURIVERTER RC could help Kurita’s customers to keep the membrane without losing performance.

    This technology allows us to rejuvenate the membrane, restore salt rejection and postpone membrane change until it is budgeted for and convenient. The rejuvenation process can be carry out very simply using CIP system.

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