Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals


Cooling water system is commonly defined as a method of using water as a heat conduction to remove heat from an object, machine, or other substances. Disadvantages of cooling water systems include accelerated corrosion and maintenance requirements because of scale, slime and Legionella bacteria.

To mitigate cooling water system problems, Kurita Group provide full range of treatment chemicals to ensure a safe, efficient and hygienic operation. These chemicals can be applied to various characteristics of makeup water from portable water source, Recycled water and high-grade industrial water. NSF Certified products (white bookTM - nonfood compounds listed) are also available for food and beverage industry.


Open recirculating cooling water system

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitor

    KURITA selects the suitable corrosion and scale inhibitor for cooling water system based on type of cooling water for the right chemicals and control of all relevant water parameters. Besides, the conventional treatment, we also provide corrosion inhibition together with our patented polymers that illustrate superior performance of pitting corrosion inhibition.

    • Multifunctional chemical for small-medium size cooling water system
    • Corrosion and scale inhibitor for low hardness or high salinity
    • Scale inhibitor for high heat flux cooling water system
    • Corrosion inhibitor for initial treatment
  • Microbiological Control

    KURITA offers a large quantity of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides to prevent biofilm formation and biofouling. We provide biocides for an effective control of micro-organisms i.e. bacteria, fungi, algae and also legionella. We also have patented biocide programs for best biofouling control.

    • KURITA NT treatment is an on-stream biofouling removal which is our patented biocide that can peel off slime layer by penetration. Moreover, prevention of biological deposits is successful especially in systems with a high biofouling potential.
    • KURITA LE is a highly effective and patented program developed by KURITA for biofilm control in cooling water system. KURITA LE peel off with penetration into slime layer due to its synergized two biocides characteristic.

Closed recirculating cooling water system

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors for closed and semi-closed cooling systems on carbon and copper materials
  • Biocides for control of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and algae)

Other chemicals

  • On stream hardness scale remover
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