Kurita Group developed state of art equipment for use in the chemical water treatment. These equipment aims to provide efficiency of treatment regime, increasing productivity via automation, water and energy saving.


Equipment and Monitoring Systems for Cooling Water System

  • Online analyzer and controller
  • S.sensing A-eco, S.sensing CW and S.sensing PM are available to monitoring water quality and control chemical dosage in the industrial cooling water system. Monitoring parameters are wisely chosen base on cooling water quality and applied chemical program.

  • Side stream filter
  • Kurita Light Filter addresses the water conservation by restricting the amount of water used for backwash compared to conventional filtration system.

  • Electrical conductivity controller (Auto-blowdown controller for cooling water system)
  • Kuriauto controls the cycle of concentration to optimize chemical usage and save water consumption for cooling water system.

  • Web Based online monitoring S.sensing WEB
  • S.sensing WEB-Series can monitor and control the parameters in cooling water such as pH, Electrical conductivity, Corrosion rate, Turbidity, TDS, etc. The highlight of this model is that user can observe the measured parameter via internet/ website.

    Equipment and Monitoring Systems for Boiler Water System

  • Online hardness analyzer and controller - S.sensing B-NH
  • S.sensing B-NH is an online hardness analyzer which allowed softener to be auto-regenerated. Furthermore, S.sensing B-NH can be applied to control dosage of anti-scalant for boiler.

    Equipment and Monitoring Systems for Pretreatment & Wastewater System

  • Online chemical controller- S.sensing CS
  • Kurita’s S.sensing CS technology offers an innovative equipment to control the product dosage in wastewater treatment systems. This system using a laser-based technology and offers an in situ measurement of the turbidity between the flocs. Accordingly, S.sensing CS wastewater monitoring system is enable to control the product dosage already at the inlet of the sedimentation basin, which means before the actual sedimentation process. Base on our technology, chemical dosage and sludge volume can be minimized, significantly.

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